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How to enter Japanese Market with Rakuten

Rakuten Product Page - What is it and Why does it matter?

Rakuten is like the Amazon or Alibaba of Japan. A Rakuten Page is one of the easiest and most convenient means to enter the Japanese market.

The fact that it has been expanding so rapidly globally is all the more reason to consider starting a rakuten page.

In a world of new products launching every day, and the ability to shop globally, a product page is critical. A product page gives your business the opportunity to educate your prospective clients about your company beliefs and mission-critical information, going way beyond the details of a standard landing page.

But why sell in Japan? Japan has a recorded population of 126 million in 2019. There are 119 million internet users (80.9% penetration rate) actively engaged online. Japan is the third-largest in the world by nominal GDP and the fourth-largest global E-Commerce market. It has great international relations and is a stable market.

And WHY Rakuten? Rakuten dominates the online market in Japan. It has over 25% of the online B2C market and 30% + in categories such as apparel, food, and household accessories.A dedicated E-Commerce Consultant (ECC) will be assigned to your shop to maximize your potential on Rakuten. ECC will provide the latest market trends and tailor sales strategy for you.Rakuten is a shop centric marketplace in which merchants can control their own storefront, product pages, and customer experiences. Merchants are able to conduct CRM activities to first time purchasers and nurture them into repeaters.

Rakuten Ichiba currently provides a Direct Shop Plan for countries and regions listed below:

Canada, China, France, Germany, Hongkong, Taiwan, U.K and U.S

So what are the steps to get started with the Rakuten product page? It can be broken down into 3 simple steps.

Step 1- Registration

The first step is registration.

Consultants specializing in overseas business can guide you in preparing materials to submit for your company’s screening.

We usually break it down to - purpose, plan of action and implementation for our clients. Each step will entail a series of things to keep in mind and create world class value. After all, getting through Japanese standards of paperwork is not easy as it is still a market that does it's business in Japanese.

Once you pass all stages of screening, you can begin to create your store on Rakuten’s marketplace. Most of it is easy to navigate online.

Step 2- Setting Up

Then, you must set up your store.

After you gain access to RMS (Rakuten Merchant Server), the next step will be to register your items, upload your company’s information, set your return and shipping policy, and create your storefront.

This step can either make or break your rakuten strategy. Ensuring that your product is visually appealing and eye-catching, read our blog about 360 degree product videos.

The text must be condensed to the most important points as well. Skip all the jargon and focus on key things you want your customers to see. After all, this is the first time they come across your brand. Make it count.

And finally, you open your store-

Step 3- Shop Opening

Once your store is live, an E-Commerce Consultant (ECC) can help you further drive sales and maximize your store’s performance to ensure success on Rakuten’s marketplace.

What's the point of going through all the steps if you cannot track the performance and make amends? This is one of the most important steps and requires quick adaptation to changes. Ensuring a return on investment.

These three steps are clearly explained on Rakuten. Oftentimes, some client’s needs are urgent and they require services in English to move things faster.

In such scenarios it's better to invest in a Bilingual marketing agency so as to take matters into your own hands. Firms offering design and user interface/user experience can help transform the front end completely. It is also time efficient and cost effective as it does not require hiring someone full time and gets the task done.

Either way, now that you've completed all three steps- you must get the word about your Rakuten page out. You can do it through ads or even link farming. Collaborating with existing Rakuten pages is also a great way to drive clicks.

A rakuten page will generate a whole new set of customers with their own habits, behaviours, preferences and needs. Paying close attention to them will ensure long term connections in the market.

We hope that this guide gives you a clear understanding of Rakuten and how to get started.

And if you want to enter the Japanese market with a bang then feel free to contact us, we can help you create the best Rakuten page design which is sure to help you boost your growth in Japan.


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