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How 360° spin product videos can boost your E-commerce site

If you have a product - and you aren’t showing it off with 360 ° spin then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

When people visit your website, what do they see? Is it just a bunch of text with pictures? Or is it a compelling display as if they were visiting your store in real life?

The world is advancing, technology is growing and so are the expectations. E-commerce sites are everywhere and existing portals like Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, eBay, Alibaba, etc., have cut-throat competition on the search results page - making it difficult for small to medium-sized businesses to get noticed.

You need to be creative and unique in the way you decide to sell your products. Enter 360 ° spin product videos like this!

No, not the ones you see on youtube where the user has to physically move their phones to see what’s around them. We’re talking about those where the product is featured in full circulation.

The advantage of your e-commerce store is that you can leverage technology in any way you like. It’s the perfect opportunity to give your buyers an unforgettable experience on the website so that they are excited to visit it again.

Pictures are cumbersome to scroll through and users want something more dynamic - quick - and attention-grabbing.
Videos are time-consuming to watch and do not grab the attention of visitors unless they are specifically looking for it.

That’s where 360° spin product videos are perfect. They quickly grab the user’s attention towards your product and spark curiosity for users to find out more about it.

Additionally, 360° spin product videos take up less space. Users get to examine your product fully in one scene.

As a general marketing rule, it’s important to keep exploring new ways to sell your product. You need to test new ideas daily to really make sure your product sells! 70% of marketers who have used 360° videos say it has increased engagement for them. This increases your views and helps tremendously with search engine optimization for local searches on E-commerce websites. As a by-product, it finally increases your sales numbers.

Instead of writing long blog posts, and creating complex infographics, you’ll be creating interactive 360° videos and you will finally get the traffic you hoped for.

Hundreds of different industries can use this unique media form of immersion. When companies make a noticeable effort to prepare for the future - consumers catch on and become loyal.

Everyone wants to be a part of the change, and here’s the part that we’ve been saving for the end.

360° spin videos are perfect for your advertising campaigns. Picture your product being displayed on a billboard in 360 degrees! Or the side of a metro station. Or even on Instagram as someone scrolls through their feed.

Most ads don’t even get read! However, this is one clear cut way to ensure your product gets the attention it deserves.

So what is the key take away? If your product is great - show it off and sell it well.

We’re here to help you create 360° spin product videos if this is all new to you. contact us today!


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