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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For Jewelry Sellers

5 Of The Best Time Tested Strategies

Selling anything is a tough job but selling jewelry is especially harder. Jewelry is not just a mere article, it is an emotional investment. Selling jewelry is based more on promoting emotions using symbolism that can go back to the traditions of hundreds of years ago. It takes an exorbitant amount of craftsmanship and creativity in making an ornament but it takes an equal amount of skill and knowledge of the market to sell it.

The Jewelry industry is an extremely dynamic industry which is growing at an expeditious pace. Hence the conventional marketing practices that have been in use for centuries are now showing their age. Their diminishing returns are now encouraging more and more jewelers to shift their marketing focus towards the ever-growing online mediums.

As a result of which we thought of sharing this extremely helpful article with you. Encompassing some of the hugely significant tips and strategies, to increase your marketing returns for your jewelry business.

1. Create a simple yet efficient website

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, so don't try to go overboard with design complexities that do nothing except annoying a potential customer. Aim for an aesthetically pleasing design which can also provide a seamless user experience, enhancing the quality of buyer experience. This will increase your chances of converting an inquisitive lead into a true-blue customer.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are aware even in the slightest about anything related to digital marketing, then you must have heard this term SEO which stands for search engine optimization. SEO is responsible for getting your website to the very top of the world's largest search engine, where your next prospective shopper might be searching for their wedding ring or a new bracelet. So you need to optimize your website with SEO checklists, SEO plugins and various link building techniques to increase your rankings in the search results so you can be found.

3. Show more videos

With an inordinate amount of video content being consumed each day, shoppers today want to see things in action. Buyers now not only want to see how beautiful that ring looks in pictures, instead what they want is to see that ring on a hand in beautifully crafted video. So give your customers an immersive experience with a hands on video of your products.

4. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Paying for advertisements is no new norm in marketing. Business owners have been paying huge amounts to traditional marketing agencies for banners, posters, commercials and radio ads. But with the changing scenarios of the modern era, these traditional advertising methods are unable to provide optimum results as they have a very vague targeting.

However with the increasing efficiency of the new state of the art marketing platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads and other social media platforms, running ad campaigns have never been easier and more efficient. These platforms play a huge role in helping you reach your target audience and drive more business for your brand.

5. Cater your customers with value

There are thousands of websites on the internet from which people can buy jewelry, but not all of them can provide value. Value here refers to useful information. The Internet is known to be the provider of significant information to users that helps them in making an informed decision down the road. And when you provide that value which your competitors don't, you are more likely to convert those mere visitors into high dollar clients.

The easiest way of doing this is writing blogs as websites that feature a blog page have 434% more indexed pages on Google which means they are recognised and ranked easily, increasing the probability of appearing on the first page.

Digital marketing is the future and ignoring it might be one of the most severe mistakes any business owner could make. So hop on the digital bandwagon and try out these strategies to boost your online as well as offline sales.

However we know it can be a bit intimidating to step into this world of digital marketing without any prior experience, which is where we can help you in getting started with your digital journey. Browse our website and services to learn more about how we can help you reach your ideal customer and boost your sales through the roof.


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