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How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook Marketing

Facebook is still one of the most used social media platforms on this planet. A social media marketing plan is almost incomplete without the use of it's various tools and features. In recent years, Facebook has continued to innovate it's platform to meet the changing needs and demands of it's large user base.

Facebook has always provided businesses with the ability to market themselves for free as well as by posting ads. Either way, there is scope for genuine organic growth through a platform that has 2.6 billion users already.

Facebook is both overrated and underrated. It’s one of those platforms that every business is on, but don't really know how to leverage. Yes, although big companies have started abandoning advertising on Facebook - there is still a lot you can do with a platform that is built on content.

Like it or not, it was the first company to do so and is likely never getting replaced.

This blog is going to break down some of the easiest and best ways to grow your business using Facebook.

1. Create A Free Business Page

If you don’t have a business page for your firm already - it's free to create one! To clarify, one cannot create a Facebook ‘Account’ for a business. Only personal accounts are permitted to exist on the platform. However, using an existing personal account to make a ‘business page’ is allowed. As simple as that.

Yes, it might be confusing as to why you need to choose individual accounts manually, to make and manage your business’s Facebook page. This is because personal accounts can easily be tracked in terms of activity on the page- as opposed to identifying a page just through it's business name. As much as we like to consider businesses a separate entity - nobody knows who they are talking to or who is posting at any given time. Also, there are limitations when it comes to how many people would have to log in using the same credentials leading to countless privacy concerns.

Just make your business page and let people follow your business there. You can even invite your existing friends to like the page to get a head start.

Give admin access to your social media marketing team. They will do the rest. Whether it's posts, news, company updates.

Make sure your business page is PUBLIC. And you can start by inviting some of your existing clients to like it already!

2. Take it up a notch with a Facebook Group

Once you have a business page, take it up a notch and create a Facebook Community. How? By simply making a ‘group’.

A group where people can ask questions, talk to each other, see posts or have more personal one on one events, live conferences, etc. A group basically lets you connect to people on a two-way communicative basis.

On a page- the audience is allowed to like, comment and interact with existing posts.

On a group- the audience is allowed to create their own posts too so that others in the group can also like, comment and share it.

It creates a more wholesome community where your customers feel heard and involved.

This is best suitable for a co-creation strategy especially if you have a product or service you are constantly improving through the feedback of the customers.

The fan base/community/group can also be used to get reviews or let the users help each other troubleshoot or solve problems together.

Larger companies create these communities in their personal websites. For small to medium sized firms- Facebook is a great place to start- as most people tend to spend their free hours on the platform and keep going back to it for their daily dose of dopamine.

3. Post regularly

This is important. Finally, make a posting schedule. It’s important that you are posting consistently. Never let followers and members just sit there ideally.

Curate something that they would genuinely like to engage with.

Understand Facebook's existing user base. More specifically- understand the user's activities, peak usage hours, purposes and more. People only really use facebook to see videos or watch funny memes in groups. Be aware of what’s happening and make a proper posting scheduling.

More professional pages tend to tone it down on Facebook with high quality updates, videos and pictures.

A fresh, new perspective is always appreciated. Keep in mind that the best way to grow your presence is to do something that generates tags.

With this we would like to conclude this post, and by now you must have learned a few things about why marketing on facebook is important. However if you are still confused and don't know how to grow your facebook page, then feel free to write us an email. We will be glad to help you out.

Also be sure to visit our other services to learn more about how we can help you grow you brand and business.

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