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How Luxury Marketing Is Different From Other Marketing?

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When you think about marketing, what comes to your mind?

It could be something like this: Any strategy adopted by a firm to attract an audience to its goods or services through high-quality messaging is often referred to as marketing.

Which is absolutely true, however it is only true for normal products marketing, normal here in this context refers to products that are consumed by average buyers. These products primarily fulfil needs and necessities.

However there exists a genus in the marketing world that sits alongside this normal marketing, if we can call it that.

This special genre of marketing which is completely different from its counterparts is known as luxury marketing.

You might not have heard this term before because this is not something which is tremendously common.

We see a lot of products in the market which are generally termed as LUXURY products. Some examples of these products could be designer clothes, luxury cars, and expensive jewelry.

Which begs the question why are they termed differently from other retail products? And the answer for which is their purpose.

The purpose these products fulfil is something that not every consumer needs. These products exist in the market because they cater to an audience which seeks status in achieving a significant source of motivation to procure appropriate products and services that they hope will let others know they’ve “made it.”

No average consumer needs a $50k Hermès Birkin bag, or a $3 million Bugatti Chiron. These products are just there because they bestow the sentiment of pure luxury and opulence.

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So this where the difference in luxury marketing and normal retail marketing part their branches after stemming from the collective term of marketing.

Luxury marketing is built upon the cornerstone of building and maintaining the brand's brand image. A luxury brand is a complex platform that conveys messages about quality, lineage, status, and taste. It often encompasses a set of visual icons, such as a distinctive logo, monograms, patterns and images.

A luxury brand creates a persona of eliteness in the minds of their clients that they have achieved something which not every average person can. This emotion is evoked when these brands leverage their brand elements, such as heritage, country of origin, craftsmanship, scarcity, and prestigious clients.

These Luxury brands fabricate a mystique around their brand image which in turn attracts the eyeballs of the real wealthy people.

However they also provide a superior experience at both a functional and emotional level. They provide the pedigree to their clients that they are now a part of the brand that has such historical significance.

Luxury marketing is just a method which helps in the promotion of these luxury products.

Luxury marketing is the bridge that connects people with abundance of wealths with the products from these brands. The mediums of luxury marketing vary from word of mouth to lifestyle centric marketing but the main idea of it is to connect the high end clientele with these high end brands.

So if you have a brand that deals with the luxury market and you need help in finding those individuals that value your products and services. Then feel free to write to us, we can surely be of great help to you.

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