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5 Efficient Methods To Increase Jewelry E-commerce Conversions

“Conversions” - the one thing that every online e-commerce business owner desires.

Conversion is a marketing term that can be simply described as the completion of another action on your website by a visitor. In the context of an online retail store that action is a sale or a purchase from your e-commerce website. The conversion rate of an e-commerce venture is the key determining factor regarding the success of the business.

Given how important conversion rates are for an e-commerce enterprise, 35% of the businesses still report a conversion rate of less than 1%. Moreover recent researches have shown that 53% of businesses spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on conversion optimization.

For this very comprehension, we would like to recommend to you some of the most effective methods of increasing the conversion rates of your online jewelry store. Which in turn will help you to convert those wasted visitors into valuable paying customers.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the way to go when designing your online jewelry store. The more you clutter things on your website, the more confused the customer gets. Resulting in, you guessed it right! No sale. So avoid creating loops in catalogues, products and carts, along with lengthy fill up forms.

Adding that video flare

Adding only pictures is just not going to cut it out with the prospective buyers. Customers today want to see things in action, and showing a beautifully prepared video of your product line is surely going to help you boost up that all important conversion rate.

Exceptional customer service

A phenomenal customer service is the backbone for any successful business. When your customers are assured that all their questions and concerns will be taken care of then you gain their most valuable thing, TRUST. With the inclusion of a live chat, call option and FAQs this sense of trust increases enabling the customer to initiate the purchase.

Create urgency

Acquaint your customers with the sense of urgency by adding a countdown, limited period offers and a low stock indicator. Customers don’t like to miss out on deals if you can give them in your store, your stocks will fly off the shelves and your conversion rates will rise throughout the roof.

Have a responsive design

A case study by Google has found out that responsive websites can have a monumental impact on converting customers. So it is of great significance to have a responsive web design that can cater to most of the devices.

So with this we would like to conclude our blog, we hope you have learnt a few important and efficient methods to increase your jewelry ecommerce conversions. However if you still have any doubts or would like to have a professional help you, please feel free to send us a message on our socials or you can send us a mail via contact us.


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