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Complete guide to launch a mobile app for your business in 2020

Mobile applications are taking over the world! How many times have you thought to yourself — “I wish I could create my very own app.” How many times have you had conversations inside your head about all the things your app would be able to do? And how you could get rich through it!

Research has shown that the business mobile app market is expected to grow to $63 billion in 2020.

So we’ve come up with a complete guide to launch a mobile app for your business in 2020.

1. Value Preposition

In the event that you are contemplating your organization’s first app, don’t overthink the functionalities. Apps are best when they fill a solitary need. You needn’t bother with an application that does everything or has an unceasing life expectancy. Instead, you should recognize a simple short value proposition and decide how best to arrive at it.

What is your value proposition? It is the core business problem you are trying to solve or a core business needs you are trying to optimize that makes you different from your competitors.

So step one is to define what that is and focus on one result you are trying to get.

Once you know exactly what your app is going to do, and know precisely what will keep individuals returning, you’ve won a large portion of the fight.

2. Market Research

This is the step wherein you need to outshine everyone around you when it comes to how well you understand the market, the industry, the audience, and all other stakeholders. Research. Research. Research.

We can’t say this enough. This is what gives everything that you do, a purpose. In this step, you need to also start documenting everything you have so far. From value proposition to target customers. You need to know the market size, a go-to-market strategy, and everything from customer behavior to shifts in preferences.

This is the step that actually validates your value proposition.

3. UI/UX Design

Now that you’ve done your research, we’re in step 3 — user experience design. This is one of the most important steps and if you were able to do your research right, you’ll be able to garner designs towards your target audience. Professional design can make or break business opportunities because it is the first thing that people see about your company. Ensure that it’s unique and unified across all platforms.

4. Development

The Development stage requires implementing wireframes where the designs can be applied. Simply put, it’s time to actually make the app.

You need to think about a lot of factors such as servers, whether you want your app to be iOS or Android or both, cost of development, amount of time it will take, etc.

It’s very important to get professional advice depending on your value proposition, market research, and design.

5. Testing

Time to prototype. In this step, developers finally run their code and test each and every function of the app. It needs to be fast, easy to navigate, and with brilliant user interface & user experience. Once these tests have been run several times, the app is ready for launch!

6. Launch

This is the part you’ve been waiting for. In just a few months, your app has been ready to launch. Can you believe that it will take only a few months? It happened- because none of the above steps were skipped! So remember, ensure that you go through the entire app development process.

In the launch stage, you can think of various ways in which you can launch your app for maximum reach. Whether it’s an app launch event- or an advertisement — or social media marketing. Whatever it is- identify the best scenario for the app launch.

7. Maintenance

Finally, maintenance. Just creating and launching an app isn’t enough. You need to ensure it always runs smoothly and has a team dedicated only to app maintenance.

Remember — apps can add additional revenue to your business. Not only will it increase your customer size, but it will also serve as an extra income source through ads.

Having more than one stream of revenue is the best way to sustain your business financially. Especially in these rapidly changing times. What is a side hustle today can become a core business tomorrow. The key is to keep up with consumer behavior and preferences.

Apps can also serve as a marketing tactic. Every time it shows up in the app store — more people learn about your business and products.

With people spending time on their mobile devices more than ever before — even in third world countries — your product just expanded its business WORLDWIDE without actually being there! You didn’t need to spend on a subsidy in a foreign country, nor land or partnership. Your app is your virtual store.

It’s like magic!

Finally, If you don’t have the right resources in place to launch and scale an app across your organization then the new app may well be on a road to failure before you’ve not even begun. Figuring out how to launch mobile apps across your organization can include tasks such as:

✓ Finding advocates for the new technology

✓ Determining whether it will integrate with existing systems

✓ Scaling app initiatives

✓ Maintaining app content

Hopefully, the points I’ve outlined above help identify when and why you should consider creating an enterprise app. Contact us today


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